Friday, August 13, 2010

Blogging is to Artwork is to Prostitution

I know, you're wondering where on earth that title came from...  This summer my (extremely encouraging, patient, devoted, and all around wonderful) husband and I set out to sell my artwork at several shows and events.  We put much time, energy, and money into preparing for these events, not to mention the disaster the house stayed in for the months prior to them.  Once those days arrived we'd pack the truck to the gills and head out.  Setting up took a few hours.  We'd sit out in the heat, talk to the people who came by and hoped things would sell.  I started realizing, as we were talking to potential customers, that selling artwork is a lot like prostituting oneself.  In creating things we are expressing a part of who we are- whether it's arts and crafts, music, writing, (blogging), etc., and we hope what we express will be accepted and bought by the public. It's really like trying to sell yourself, and if the public doesn't like what you're selling- the rejection is personal.

That being said, I realize I ended yesterday's blog with plans to begin on a similar painting to that I had posted but didn't have the time to do so.  After helping a friend in the pottery room I decided I'd unleash my creativity there.  When I first started working on this piece I wasn't sure what it was going to be.  A flower pot? A bowl?  A teapot! Of course! 

Well, the clay is still damp and I didn't have time to make a lid so I'm off to do that now.  Happy creating!


  1. Yeah...when we make stuff just hoping to ring *some*body's bell, not because we ourselves love it, just to make a dollar, yeah...that does seem like a type of prostitution. Not cheerful.

    Art seems to need to be made for the love of it, for the pure enjoyment of the order for it to be truly good. Of course, if it's something we have been hired to do, we must have decided it was a project worth taking on--and we might even *come* to love it, if we didn't start out so positive. At least, looking back on some of my commissions in particular, that's how it seems to me.

    Keep creating, Cappi! Keep the love!

  2. Wow amazing, has your talent no end. Keep it going