Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Discipline through Sketch/Journaling (?)

I wish I could say I'm disciplined enough to do some kind of artwork every day. I can tell you I wake at night and think of new things to create, or even as I drift to sleep, through the cloudy haze of my thoughts, I seem to come up with incredible ideas, things that I promise would really knock your socks off if ever they were realized on canvas... but when I come to my desk to paint my mind often seems devoid of those precious morsels of creativity. So... I've decided I'm going to discipline myself to do something, anything, to sharpen my skills.

A few days ago I sat just off my back patio and sketched a small portion of the backyard and fence. Just because. Then I started thinking (again, all of those wonderful ideas that don't often see fruition) I would love to have a sketching journal. Hey! Wonderful idea! Brilliant even! Could be just the daily regimen I'm looking for, right? I mean, I admire those people who do such things. However, my travels are sometimes few and far between. What do I do in the mean time? Sketch my backyard from every angle? The living room, the kitchen? *yawn* My neighborhood? How do other people do it? Should I only use ink? How am I going to feel about "journaling" if I'm the only one that ever sees the work? Does it matter? (Do I WANT other people to see the journal?)

Time will tell... and I'll get back to you on that.


  1. hiya cap, hey this is a great sketch, and you know what? do what you feel at the moment...ink, pencil, watercolor, fingerpaints, collage, what ever inspires and expresses...no rules just go for it k? k. :) i'm glad you are doing this, i've thought about it off n on...hey maybe i'll start too :D cool beans!

  2. Hey Kelly, Thanks! I haven't thought about finger painting, but why not? It's rare that I do the same kind of artwork two days in a row. Maybe that's the discipline part of journaling. Let me know when you get your blog started. :)

  3. I like your idea of a sketch journal! I journal every day--words. Ought to do more sketching... or painting... really, more cutting glass. I've GOT to finish that baptistery window!!!

    Lots of ways to be creative, though. Food can be creative in the combination of flavors or textures. How clothes are combined in an outfit can be creative, and the elements of design in a room.

    I think one of the biggest roadblocks to creativity for *me* is feeling I have to do all my "real work" first! that creativity is just play! When will I ever learn?!!?