Monday, August 23, 2010

Divinely Created

Yesterday, we took a drive up and over (and around and over and down and....) the Blue Mountains closest to town.  I don't think we drove more than 70 miles yet we saw everything from farmland to rolling hills to mountain meadows and deep forest.  I am ever in awe of creation- it inspires me- to paint, to photograph, to draw, to somehow try to capture the alluring beauty I find there.  From the textures of rock, pine, and lush fern against a soft sky, to the analogous greens of conifers, crimson paintbrush and deep blues as the heavens open in showers, it's all so wondrous, this creation.  The only sounds that may be heard are of a small brook, of the wind blowing through the tree tops, or it may just be quiet. So quiet, in fact, that it's healing.  It's no wonder I have such a difficult time hearing God when I'm away from nature.  I live in a framed box with insufficient views, next to a paved path where noisy vehicles come and go from their own framed boxes.  It's the days like yesterday that I realize how much I miss nature when I'm away for long.  Nothing I can manufacture will ever come close to the gifts God created for us to enjoy.

A few photos from our drive, above.  It was one of those days I just had to exclaim, "YAY GOD!"

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