Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Something Creative - Day 2

The first thing that comes to mind as I strive to keep up this creative discipline thing (even if it kills me) is an email that circulated not long ago about a woman who seeks out a personal trainer.  (Remember that one?)  Her first journal entry is something like, "My first day at the gym and I know I'm going to love this!  I met Andy, my personal trainer, and he's so hot!  It's going to be fun seeing him every day!  He had me do such and such and man I feel great!" and so on.  And you know by the 5th day this woman is so sore it hurts to roll over in bed much less walk or lift her arms to feed herself, and she's cussing Andy and muttering every nasty name she has locked away in the BAD WORDS: DO NOT USE recesses of her mind.
Well, I'm not there...yet.  It is only day 2, after all.  

After the first picture and posting I decided to draw the same corner in our back yard from a different angle.  (I promise I will get more creative than this in the future.)  We just planted this very delicate, petite Japanese Maple- that reminds me more of Charlie brown's fragile Christmas tree that may lose all its leaves if you blow on it too hard than anything that will grow up to produce real shade.  But it's cute and didn't seem to mind being my model for this sketch. 

I think I feel a creative spark! Heading to the studio before it goes away............