Thursday, August 12, 2010

From the Studio - Day 3

While having fabulous coffee and delectable treats in a patisserie last week, my husband and I surveyed the artwork displayed. I certainly can't say I liked all of it, but the style is growing on me.  I decided I would make an attempt at creating something similar.  Surprisingly, I'm not unhappy with the results considering this was my first try.  

I really have a tough time drawing or painting new things because I fear the results won't be perfect.  I know that's silly because most people can't always expect to do something flawlessly the first time they try it, but how do I get past that feeling of being a failure if, frankly, my artwork looks like crap?  I've been an artist for years.  I used to teach art.  Surely my skill level should be at a point now that I can pull off perfection without much effort.  Then again, maybe not.  Anyway, I'm heading back to the studio.  I think this painting needs to be part of a set.  Wish me luck.  Hopefully, the way this first painting turned out wasn't just beginners luck.  ;)


  1. Cousin Caprice, remember one thing "The ONLY failure is when you don't try". I think there is no perfection in anything,and this is what makes YOU unique and great! And thus far I have not seen any of your art that looks like crap! Gunny

  2. the pursuit of perfection in creating art stifles the creative process, free your time at art "work" by accepting that you don't know everything and put your focus on each experience is a learning one. Not on making something perfect or to sell. mistakes, if you call them that, are another opportunity to learn something...that can be a time to pray and ask God what to do and you may find a "mistake" turns out to be not a mistake at all. by the way cap, i like this picture... lot of promise in this. also, if you let your self be free and experience the zone moment enjoying the process you may find that your art becomes much greater especially when you invite God to guide your hand with His. :) Kelly